An argument in favor of keeping guantanamo bay open

The detention facilities at guantanamo bay are imperfect most importantly, some who have been detained there should not have been but that said, if like me you believe the united states is at war with al-qaeda and its ideological affiliates (isil included), guantanamo bay must remain open.

Guantanamo bay detention camp: a lightning rod of controversy january 11, 2012 marked the 10-year anniversary of the creation of the us government detention camp at the guantanamo bay naval base in cuba.

Despite recognizing the many policy imperatives in favor of closure, despite the bipartisan support for this position, and despite the fact that 166 men still languish there, i now believe that guantánamo should stay open — at least for the short term.

Keeping guantanamo bay open there would be less terrorist attacks in this world some people may argue that by closing guantanamo bay prison there would be less threats in this world. T he obama administration’s ramped-up efforts to transfer guantanamo bay detainees are yet another instance where the president refuses to acknowledge gitmo’s value and compromises national security congress should move to thwart the president’s strategy and retain guantanamo so american troops do not have to fight the same enemy twice.

An argument in favor of keeping guantanamo bay open

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Should guantanamo bay stay open there are several reasons that we should keep this jail open they are the follows: 1 it will cost us a bundle, there is neither reason for the detention facility guantanamo bay to exist nor politico-ethical arguments to be made in its favor sources in the comments section.

President obama's podium pronouncement that he would work with congress to close the detention facility at guantanamo bay is the latest episode in a long saga over the detention of captured terrorists the president's actions and his administration's policies, so far as we can understand them, are at odds with his talking points. The case for closing — and keeping open — guantanamo president obama recently announced a plan to close the prison at guantanamo bay, cuba three people with close ties to the issue share their views on whether or not to close the detention center.

an argument in favor of keeping guantanamo bay open In short, guantanamo bay is no longer the “recruiting tool” barack obama used to cite as an argument for closing its doors it is now, through the courts, a weapon in isis’ hands to plunge the war against it into chaos.
An argument in favor of keeping guantanamo bay open
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